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Microsoft’s StorSimple



Standard storage management comes with a few challenges. Thinking about capacity, types, tiering, provisioning, scalability. Making plans and decisions take long time and on top of these what about backups and data archiving? They bring their own challenges. Many hours spent just to keep everything the way we wanted around our budget.

I first heard about Storsimple when I was watching one of Azure MVA courses. The idea of storing data based on how often they are accessed and making decisions on where to store is simple and at the same time makes business sense. Applying a simple logic will save a lot of effort and money in the long run.

So If you are tired of buying and installing storage and rebalancing workloads all the time, you really need to have a look at StorSimple. The same is true for managing data protection, because off-site data protection is completely automated with StorSimple you have got no worries on that. And if you can’t perform DR because it’s too disruptive and takes too long, you need to look into non-disruptive, thin recovery with StorSimple.

How does it work?


StorSimple is comprised SSDs (split into two layers), HHDs and Cloud. When a user saved the data it goes to first SSD layer on the StorSimple appliance. And this is deduplicated to the second SSD layer along with the other data comes from other users. When the data is accessed it remains active and stays “hot”. Again users keep creating other data and previously created data becomes less accessed and becomes “cold”. Then this data is moved to the HDD layer and it is also compressed in this layer. As the other data becomes cold and they are all moved to the HDD layer and as the data keeps coming to this layer, it will filled up and reach the threshold. The original data moved to the cloud. When the data is in Azure, it will be copied 3 times locally and another 3 copies will be geo-replicated within region. As you may guess it will be a delayed respond when the user requests that data in the cloud as opposed to the data saved on the other layers. Data will be pulled by StorSimple from Azure and presented to the user and it is managed by Azure portal. The new StorSimple Manager is an Azure management portal which controls all functions of all StorSimple arrays across the enterprise. It provides a single, consolidated management point that uses the Internet as a control plane to configure all parameters of StorSimple 8000 arrays and for displaying up-to-the-minute status information in a comprehensive dashboard.


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