From Citrix 6.x to Citrix 7.x (IMA v FMA)

The architecture of Citrix has changed starting from version 7.o. Also licensing is different too.






Xenapp 6.5

Xenapp 6.5 licensing is still alive which means that you can still buy XenApp 6.5 licenses. The editions available per 5/11/13 is Advanced, Enterprise and Platinum edition.

Provisioning Services is only included in the Platinum Edition.

Advanced edition licenses are not compatible with XenDesktop 7 App Edition


XenDesktop 7

XenDesktop Licensing can be bought in 4 editions;

VDI                  (does not include PvS for RDS)

APP                  (does not include PvS)

ENTERPRISE (includes PvS)

PLATINUM     (includes PvS)



What many customers and partners have not realized is that you can use your existing XenApp Enterprise and Platinum licenses in a XenDesktop App edition environment.

  • XenApp Enterprise Licenses gives the same functionality as XenDesktop app Edition licenses would.
  • XenApp Platinum licenses gives the same functionality as XenDesktop App Edition licenses would, but it also gives the Provisioning Services and extended Insight (Edgesight) functionality which otherwise would require XenDesktop Enterprise or XenDesktop Platinum
  • XenDesktop App Edition CCU licenses kan be used in  a XenApp 6.5 environment if you set the edition to  enterprise through a citrix policy. XenDesktop App Edition User\Device is not compatible with XenApp 6.5

Based on these findings I would recommend existing XenApp Platinum customers not to trade/upgrade their licenses to XenDesktop App edition since they actually would loose functionality. Their existing license files is compatible both with XenApp 6.5 and XenDesktop 7 App Edition.

While XenDesktop App edition CCU is compatible with XenApp 6.5, Xendesktop App Edition Use\Device licenses is notbackwards compatible, which means that if you have bought\traded Up\upgraded your XenApp licenses to XenDesktop App Edition User\Device you can not use them in your XenApp 6.5 environment.

Only XenDesktop App edition CCU licenses can be used in a XenApp 6.5 environment.



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