Adding Licensing on your Citrix Environment

We have got a Lab environment in here, by default you get 30-day trials which is really not enough to go through everything and practice what you need. So you need to login to (you might need to register or you can use your company’s account). Under you details on the left hand side go to > Previews/Betas – License Retrieval


On the right you will see any available licenses, if not you can scroll right down to request more which will give you additional licenses.


Click on the Serial Number and you will get  a warning about your license server name which is case sensitive. Yes you need to right exactly the same letters appear in the name.


Click on Continue,


Under Host ID you need to write your License server name and then you will be able to download and save your .lic file.

On your Citrix Studio > click on Licensing on the left …


and on the right Click on Add Licenses


Browse where you saved your license file. That should give you 90-day Evaluation or if you have got proper license you can use this as well.


One more thing to check is the “Production Edition”, make sure it is right version you want to use and you can do this by going in to “Edit Production Edition” under Actions on the right hand side.




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