Ok, now you have got an option to move some of your apps and services to the cloud. You’ve researched the technology and determined the criteria you will use to make your decision. Which provider offers the services and support that best matches your environment and needs? There are some main points you should consider before jump in?

1 – Your workload, Apps and Services: Every platform that are offered from providers are different and your workload will perform different on these. You should consult your vendors to get detailed information about your apps and services to understand how your workload might perform in cloud environment and their requirements.

2 – Cost: This is the main factor choosing your provider but again there are other things will come to play when you start eliminating providers from your list.

3 – Support: Depending on the location, a necessary support or a service might not be available to you in your region.

4 – Storage: Based on your workload you might need a specific type of storage and your workload might not perform the way expected on the other types of storages. Cloud providers have got variety of storage options that might be good factor to see which one is best for your environment.

5 – Network options: Another important option is network connectivity. There should be a way to connect your on-premises network to your cloud network and the provider should offer various connectivity features.

6 – Autoscaling: Most of the businesses know that they can not predict exactly what will be the user demand in the future. At the end of the day no one wants to lose money if the demand goes up and  you can’t answer these.  This feature is very handy and it expands or shrinks cloud resources based on the user defined rules. Again it is not just expanding the resources also shrinking so that you don’t get charged for anything you don’t use it any more.

7 – Hybrid Infrastructure option: Not all the providers will support or will allow you to communicate in and out traffic from your premise to their cloud. Some companies have got this option in their packages and they will interact with your on-premise infrastructure and give you support as well.

These are the main factors I would say I used for my clients and projects. There are other small factors like usability of portals, bringing your own images and pricing options.